At Ad-Lib Arts we thrive upon finding creative and engaging solutions to unite communities and tackle social problems. 



Our projects are carefully designed with the participants needs at the heart of the process. They can be used to...


  • Promote personal development, build confidence and improve teamwork

  • Explore themes such as internet safety, peer pressure, knife crime etc

  • To gather information and assess and explore a groups opinions 




Ad-Lib Outreach projects represent excellent value for money and an all round fun and educational experience.



If you have an idea for a project call us now to discuss it on 01738 620204 or email admin@ad-libperth.co.uk






 Ad-Lib Arts education projects aim to inspire, engage and promote the academic achievement of all students.


 Curriculum of Excellence challenges teachers to engage their students in vibrant cross-curricular learning. Through interdisciplinary working this new approach to education in Scotland aims to be less crowded, better connected and offer more pupil choice and enjoyment. We aim to support schools as they embark upon this new and exciting time by being experts in our field - devising creative, active learning experiences that are lots of fun!


 Ad-Lib Arts can connect artists and educators resulting in a powerful and flexible vehicle for learning. We offer quality affordable workshops delivered through drama and arts.All Ad-Lib Arts workshops focus on core curricular outcomes and link the 4 capacities of Curriculum of Excellence by developing:


  • Successful Learners through enhancing enjoyment,engagement and motivation for learning.

  • Responsible Citizens through group activities promoting whole team awareness.

  • Effective Contributors through participatory workshops with a collaborative approach.

  • Confident Individuals through supported expressive activity.